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Another year gone

2009-08-01 21:51:08 by danwolves

Well, I made a post of here last year on my birthday and I've decided to make it something of a tradition that I'll keep up for however many years I remember, so for now it's tallied at 2. It's actually 2:42 AM in the morning here in UK on the 2nd of August and I'd actually forgotten to write a new blog, but Newgrounds being over in the USA I can sort of cheat and write it here and still get away with it showing up as the 1st.

Well there's nothing too different happened for me the last year apart from giving up on various flashes and pieces of work because I'm too lazy to finish them. However as every other year it's been a pretty good year for gaming and I've played my fair share of games I've enjoyed during the last year I posted. Need to invest in a few more though. Well anyway, now that I'm 17 I'm going to start learning to drive, I've got my first lesson on Monday and I have a competely free summer ahead of me pretty much so I'm gonna do as many hours as much as I can in the next 5 weeks or so. Also football (soccer) season starts in 2 weeks in the Prem so that's something to look forward too in the time being.

I'm a bit disappointed with myself for not depositing on quite a few days this year and it's probably something that I'll regret as I stay level 20 for a while longer, oh well, it's only a picture and nobody really takes note of sign up date and level anymore, makes me think I should of been more of a poster than a lurker for the last 4 years or so. Ah well, never mind, it's probably a good thing.

Anyway Newgrounds, don't think my next blog update will be for a year now, unless something big happens, in the meantime here's a loveable frame I found of a Cyanide & Happiness comic I found in my pictures documents. Enjoy.

Another year gone


2008-08-01 07:17:02 by danwolves

Just another day of the year and summer to everyone else, but for me today is my birthday! =P

Didn't get anything spectacular only money as I'm gonna buy a new TV. Really need to re-arrange my room though before I order it because it won't fit fit in the little place I had it. A Sloped ceiling also makes it even more difficult to find a place for it as wall mounting is not an option. I'm sure I'll think of something.

So my aims for the next few weeks on Newgrounds is to get my Deity whistle, get some more B/P points and to finish off some animations I've been working on. Been on Newgrounds for nearly 3 years and not one piece of work submitted. I'm ashamed of myself.

Anyway, here's a little screenshot of a little project that has stopped and started since sometime last year. It may be in need of a little graphical rebuff and extra detail since it was just a quick layout. Watching Waterlollies last year when it was released pretty much inspired this, so it wasn't just some attempt to copy it. So this is what I'll probably be doing for a bit now as I've decided to once again start working on it. So if you stumbled across this page leave a comment on any ideas you have.



2008-07-14 10:26:48 by danwolves

I've decided it's time to make a blog about nothing after nearly 3 years of a postless page on Newgrounds.

Least the page doesn't look so plain anymore >.>